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Doctor’s kindness: What mistake did Aashna commit?


One day Gautam took Aashna on his motorcycle and reached a park located some distance away from the city. Both the lovers were sitting with their legs spread apart in solitude on the banks of the lake. They felt that there is no one to see them far and wide.

Just then there was a soft splashing sound in the water of the lake, and Aashna said, “It seems someone has thrown a stone in the water… someone is around and watching us.”

“Oh, nothing like that. Sometimes the fishes keep jumping on the surface of the water. It is his voice,” Gautam said.

The intoxicating fragrance rising from Ashna’s hair made Gautam strangely intoxicated without even drinking it. He asked, “Which brand of oil do you use?”

Aashna smiled and then she slowly put her head on Gautam’s thigh. Gautam taking her long hair in his hands

Sometimes he sniffs and sometimes he caresses. The weather was also pleasant. He kept his eyes fixed on Aashna’s face for a long time.

Aashna asked, “What are you watching?”

“To your mriganayans.”




”Let us go? It is evening. We have to reach home before it gets dark,” she slowly stood up and started straightening the folds of her saree. Sky blue plain saree looked good on her. Then a gust of wind came and its fringe flew away and covered Gautam’s face.

When Gautam caught hold of her pallu, she said, “Leave it Aanchal.”

“Mausam hai aashikana aur aaj pyaar karne ko ji chaah raha hai.”

“Come on, it’s getting late.”

“Let’s leave today,” saying, taking the open part of Ashna’s waist in the circle of his arm, pulled her tightly towards him and then both of them started walking towards the bike.

A couple sitting a little far away was watching these antics of Gautam and Aashna. Dr. Prem Lal and Dr. Sheela Mathur. His hospital was a little far away from that park. Sometimes after being released from the hospital, he used to sit on the banks of this lake to reduce his stress and fatigue.


short story


When both the lovers left, Sheela said, “I know this boy. I stayed in his palace for a few days. Quite a stray boy. Amir is the spoiled son of his father. In college, he has been failing in the same class for 3 years and traps new girls. A girl had also tried to commit suicide after falling prey to his misdeeds.

Dr. Prem said, “Come on, what do we have to do with these people.”

About 4-5 months after this incident, the doctor couple had night duty. Suddenly a couple alighted from an autorickshaw by giving support to a girl. He went with the girl to the doctor in the emergency room. The woman said, “Doctor, this is my daughter. Since this afternoon, he is having a lot of pain in his stomach and bleeding is also happening.

The doctor checked the girl’s blood pressure and immediately said on the phone, “Doctor Sheela, you come here immediately.” There is an emergency case.

Gynecologist Sheela came there within 2 minutes. He put the patient on the bed and put a curtain. After some time she said, “She is bleeding profusely. Will have to be taken to the operation theater immediately… I think the operation will have to be done.

The girl’s parents got scared after hearing the name of the operation. The father asked, “Doctor Sahiba, is there any danger?”

Nothing can be said now. You guys wait outside the OT,” saying she went to the operation theater with her husband Dr. Prem.

After a while a nurse came out and asked, “Are you the guardian of this girl?”

His father got up and said, “Yes, I am his father.”

The nurse gave a paper and said, “You sign it quickly, the girl has to be operated, now immediately.”

“What’s the matter sister?”

“Now is not the time to talk. Rest of the things ask the doctor after the operation. You will have to deposit one bottle of blood in the blood bank before discharge. Right now we are transfusing blood from our stock.

The man went to the blood bank to collect his blood and came back and sat on the bench outside the OT and said to his wife, “What has happened to Ashna daughter all of a sudden?”

On the operating table, the doctor asked Aashna, “Is this a result of being with the same guy you used to go to Lake Park with?”

Aashna said crying, “Yes Doctor, but I did not know that the result of my one mistake would be like this. Don’t try to save my life, let me die.

“I am not stupid and irresponsible like you… I know my duty.”

But what will I do by living with this stigma? Even if she saves me, I am about to commit suicide… Please let me die.

“Don’t worry, I will not let you be defamed and you will go home safely from here. Focus on your studies further and take care of the respect of your parents.

“Yes, doctor.”

“Enough, now you will be under anesthesia and I am going to operate.”

After about 2 hours, Dr. Sheela came out of OT. On seeing them, Aashna’s parents came running. Asked, “How is our daughter now?”

“You brought the daughter to the hospital at the right time, otherwise there was a danger of life due to excessive bleeding. Your daughter’s operation was successful and there is no danger.”

“But what happened to her?” Aashna’s father asked.

“Come with me to my cabin.”

When both the parents went to the doctor’s cabin, Dr. Sheela asked the patient’s father, “You have written the daughter’s age in the file as 17 years, that means she is a minor… Sorry, was Aashna pregnant?”

“But how is that possible?”

Only your daughter can tell this. One of her fertilized eggs could not reach the uterus and stayed in the fallopian tube. When the womb became big, its tube burst and bleed

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